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Overcoming Anxiety:

Your ultimate guide to calm and confident living

Are you ready to break free from the grip of anxiety and reclaim control over your life? Ever dreamt of mastering empowering strategies to confidently navigate work and relationship challenges while building resilience? 

Choose from three empowering courses tailored to suit your schedule, each designed to assist you in overcoming anxiety, enhancing self-worth, and fostering enduring calm and confidence.

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Under the guidance of a certified Psychotherapist, these courses provide an in-depth exploration of anxiety and its origins, helping you develop methods to reshape your reactions to life’s challenges. Designed for self-paced learning, these programmes includes engaging videos, psycho-educational content, reflective tasks, and goal-setting exercises, aiming to empower you to unlock your full potential and embrace your inherent worthiness.

Unlock your potential with these transformative self-help courses, release self-imposed expectations, cultivating confidence, and empowering yourself to write your new story.

In every story, there is a hero. Be your own hero and write your own story.

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Self Help Courses

What’s Included

Quick Start

3 modules over 6 weeks

Embark on your path to overcoming anxiety with this three-module Quick Start course. This immersive and interactive program is specially designed to unearth the underlying causes of your anxiety, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself by examining pivotal life events that fuel your feelings of unease. This self-paced course equips you with practical tools and personalised insights, to give you the know-how to create immediate relief from stress and anxiety. Channel your existing motivation and determination towards achieving a life free from anxiety, with this short course containing the essentials for creating your newfound calm and confidence.

Foundations for Change

6 modules over 12 weeks

While both this 6-module course and the shorter 3-module course offer valuable insights into overcoming anxiety, the 6-module program provides a more in-depth exploration and a broader range of strategies to empower you on your journey toward the life you most want, feeling calm and confident. With twice the number of modules, this 6-module course allows for a more comprehensive understanding of anxiety triggers, coping mechanisms, and long-term management techniques. With more opportunities to develop a greater self-awareness, you’ll be supported to harness this awareness to empower positive change and wellbeing. Each module offers ample time for reflection, practice, and personalised guidance, ensuring a transformative experience tailored to your needs. You’ll gain access to a wealth of resources and support to help you navigate through challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Take the first step towards reclaiming your life from anxiety and embark on this empowering journey of self-discovery and growth today. Engage in this profound journey of transformation with this six-module Foundations for Change course. I is designed to both kickstart your self-awareness journey and build upon this momentum to help you gain the tools and insights you need to independently sustain your progress towards anxiety free living that is full of confidence, self-worth and ease.

Sustained Growth

12 modules over 24 weeks

These 12 modules will begin by uncovering the roots and purpose of your anxiety through engaging reflection tasks. Cultivate a strong sense of self and identity, accurately identify emotions, and decipher the underlying messages so you can respond accurately to your needs. 

Explore diverse methods for regulating discomfort, including specially formulated guided meditations to instil calm and confidence. Gain profound insights into thought and behaviour patterns that fuel anxiety, challenging negative core beliefs to foster a deep sense of worthiness.

Discover the transformative impact of setting boundaries for feelings of safety and calm and acquire effective tools for implementation. Develop the skills and confidence to build authentic relationships, where self-expression is welcomed. Solidify your learning with reflective exercises to gain clarity on maintaining this newfound calm, confidence, and positive sense of self. Your journey towards long-lasting well-being begins here. 

This course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the tools and insights needed to overcome anxiety and cultivate lasting confidence and peace. Delve into each module to unearth new understandings, hone essential skills, and foster resilience, guiding you towards a life filled with vitality and assurance. this course delves into often-overlooked areas of personal development, such as establishing healthy boundaries and nurturing fulfilling relationships. Together, we’ll align your life and relationships with your newfound authentic self, cultivating the resilience needed to sustain growth beyond the course’s end. This comprehensive course is designed for those committed to affecting lasting change but wanting a self-paced, independent path to personal transformation and fulfilment

Self help courses

The Benefits

These courses can enable you to:

Attain calmness and confidence

Embrace assertiveness and guilt-free decision-making

Develop a strong sense of self and identity

Cultivate self-trust and a sense of worthiness

Clarify and assert your needs effectively

Set and implement boundaries for self-protection

Release perfectionism, embracing realistic expectations

Foster resilience, manage setbacks, and enjoy fulfilling relationships


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between one-to-one Psychotherapy and a self-help course?

Choosing between psychotherapy anda self-help course on anxiety, depends on your individual preferences, needs and the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing. Here are some considerations to guide your decision.


  • Powerful for processing trauma and difficult emotions.
  • Receive personalised one-on-one support.
  • Engage in a purposeful journey of healing and growth.
  • Consistent weekly appointments for unwavering support.
  • Expertise and experience tailored uniquely to you.
  • Receive transformative insights and personalised support.
  • Confidential guidance and emotional support that feels safe and secure.
  • Expertise and experience moulded to suite you.
  • Real-time interactions and feedback
  • Creates a more dynamic and responsive therapeutic process.


  • Establish a robust foundation to kickstart your personal growth.
  • Gain specific skills aligned with your needs.
  • Autonomy and flexibility to progress at your own pace, independently.
  • Access targeted information and resources on specific challenges.
  • Learn on your schedule with adaptable timing for flexible engagement.
  • Privacy to work on personal difficulties independently.
  • Achieve your goals with a lower financial commitment
  • Download materials on demand for convenience with on-demand resources.
What are the self-help courses?

The courses are a structured program designed to empower you to manage and overcome anxiety to varying degrees, independently. It supports you in developing your awareness and sense of self, and provides resources, tools, and guidance for understanding, coping with, and reducing anxiety symptoms.

Who are the Courses Suitable For?

The self-help courses serve as a great entry point for those dealing with mild to moderate anxiety or newcomers to personal development seeking expert guidance without the time or financial commitment of one-to-one Psychotherapy. Tailored for less complex difficulties, it offers flexibility and independence for a broader personal development journey.

What Topics Do the Courses Cover?

The courses cover a range of topics, depending on which option you chose. Quick start is a light touch option whereas Sustained Growth is the most in-depth and thorough and is designed for greater and more long lasting change. Topics vary but they can includ understanding your anxiety, identifying your triggers, developing coping strategies, mindfulness techniques, and fostering resilience.

How Long Do the Courses Take?

Quick Start: 3 modules over 6 weeks,
Foundations for Change: 6 modules over 12 weeks,
Sustained Growth: 12 modules over 24 weeks.

The schedule allows for flexibility to accommodate the course with your work and personal commitments. It also provides intervals between modules for reflection, absorption, and integration of changes into your life.

Do I Need any Special Equipment or Software?

The courses are accessible online and requires only a computer or smartphone with internet access. Some paper or a notebook and a pen will be helpful for the journaling and self-reflection exercises

Is This a Replacement for Professional Therapy?

While the courses provide valuable tools and strategies, it is not a substitute for professional therapy. For severe or enduring anxiety or complex difficulties, one-to-one Psychotherapy may be more beneficial. Book a complementary Consultation call if you’re unsure and we can plan the best approach to suite your needs.

How Can I Access the Course Materials?

Upon purchasing one of the courses, you will receive a username and password to the membership area and access the e-learning materials which will include informative videos, worksheets, and interactive content. Details on accessing and navigating the materials will be provided

Can I Get a Refund if I'm Not Satisfied?

Because of the digital nature of the product, refunds are not provided, and all sales are considered final.

Can I Combine a Course with Professional Therapy?

Yes, absolutely! Engaging in both a self-help course and 1:1 psychotherapy can supercharge your progress. Let’s book in a Consultation Call to get this set up for you. (input link)

I really want to get started but I can’t afford it. Do you offer payment plans or alternatives?

Certainly! There are four options of support available to you, at the equivalent to as little as £3.92 so chose the one that best suites you.

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