For your first self-reflection task, I’d like you to do some writing in your journal on the questions below. Taking the time to look inwards, to clarify your needs, hopes and expectations for your time on this course and the outcomes, can be an important part of helping you to be focussed on your specific goals. Having a clear sense of where you want to get to can be powerful in helping you to move ahead, take action and stay focussed. It’ll also offer an opportunity for reflection on how far you’ve come when you get to the end of the course and to be aware the needs and hopes fulfilled and unfulfilled.

Set some time aside, in a place where you feel comfortable and won’t be interrupted. Remember you’re writing for yourself so don’t worry too much about what or how you’re writing. The only way to do it wrong, is to not do it.


Action Step

Reflect on the following, writing your answers in your journal.

  1. What specific challenges or symptoms of anxiety am I currently experiencing?
  2. What coping mechanisms or strategies have I tried in the past, and how effective were they?
  3. What positive changes do I hope to see in my life as a result of participating in this self-help course?
  4. Are there specific goals or milestones related to anxiety management that I hope to achieve?
  5. How would my daily life look different if my anxiety were more manageable?
  6. What level of commitment am I willing and able to make to the course?
  7. How open am I to trying new approaches or techniques, even if they may initially seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable?