Like any skill, meditation that takes time to learn and develop and improves with regular practise. The ultimate goal of meditation is to cultivate mindfulness and presence in your daily life. Regular practice strengthens your mindfulness muscle, making it easier to bring awareness and intentionality to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and interactions throughout the day so you can overcome anxiety and feel calm and confident.

It’s important to approach meditation with patience, curiosity, and an open mind, recognising that the benefits may unfold gradually with continued practice. To help these wonderful benefits to unfold it’s important to be consistent with your practise, doing it regularly. Start by doing just 10 minutes each day and build up to longer practises as you feel ready to. You may want to use the guided meditation in the previous topic or there are also some excellent apps which offer a variety of guided meditations on a range of focuses.

Headspace: has a good audio selection.

Insight Timer: an excellent free app.

Aura: good for sleep.

Action Step: Do 10 minutes of meditation each day.