My role to support you in your personal growth journey, includes many aspects.

Firstly, I am here to provide you with psychoeducation to understand how and why you and your body respond as you do to certain aspects of life. To deepen your understanding of anxiety and of yourself, I will be facilitating opportunities for self-reflection.


Have you ever said to anyone, “I’m feeling worried about… “?

And the answer you’ve received is, “Yeah, I know what you need. Just do, x, y, z.”

How did that feel for you to have someone tell you what to do and what you need?

Did it help?

Did it solve the problem?

The fact that you’re here, looking for answers for yourself, says that it probably didn’t.


The answers you discover within yourself, that come from within yourself, can be more impactful than those provided by others. This course is designed to guide you in uncovering these insights, empowering you to create lasting change. Keep your journal and an open mind handy for this journey

I’ll be here to support you remotely as you navigate towards a happier, more tranquil self and daily life. Take your time to progress at your own pace, cultivating valuable skills for sustained well-being beyond the course. This process gives you the opportunity to develop a sense of empowerment, independence, and confidence, knowing that you possess the resources within you to shape the life you desire

The group calls give us an opportunity to connect and I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey and offering specific advice and guidance on any aspects that you find particularly challenging or cause you to get stuck.