I’d like you to find a quiet place and get comfy for a period of self reflection so you can clear on how you experience anxiety currently in your life.

Pause. Take a few deep breaths and try to allow yourself to relax and be present.

Now I want you to tune into yourself and your body.

It’s time to start to get to know your anxiety as you experience it currently. Make some notes in your journal on the following points, to help you gain some important clarity. If you’re not sure right now, read through the questions and be aware over the next few days of how you are experiencing anxiety and then come back to answer these questions in due course.


  • What emotions do you feel when you experience anxiety?
  • If anxiety is the thick fog that blankets the landscape, and you looked beneath the fog, what emotions and feelings would be visible in the landscape below?
  • What bodily sensations do you experience when you’re feeling anxious?
  • If you looked inside your body, when you’re experiencing these sensations, what colour would you see? Is there a pattern or shape, movement or stillness, temperature or size associated with this bodily sensation. Try to include as much detail as you can to describe this a clearly as possible.
  • Are there times you don’t feel anxious? When are these times?
  • What do these times have in common?