I want to help you to get the most out of this amazing commitment you have made to yourself. So, here are some essential tips to follow to maximise your progress and personal growth.

Go at your own Pace

The course is designed for self-paced learning to do take advantage of that and go at a pace that suites. You may want to allow each module a two week period to complete, creating an even split of the 6 modules over the 24 weeks. Remember, doing little and often, rather than 3 modules in one sitting, is helping you create new habits that will support you in the long run to maintain the positive growth resulting from the course.


Do each Module and Topic sequentially and do not skip ahead.

It can be tempting to look ahead and look ahead at the next topic or module, particularly if you’re feeling worried about completing the self-reflection tasks. But, remember, this is self-reflection so there is no single answer because this is about what is right for you. The order of the topics has been set in a way to maximise your personal growth. Skipping ahead will sabotage this and minimise opportunities to develop gentle discipline, perseverance and boundary setting, all valuable skills to enable you to maintain the positive outcomes of the course after finishing the 12 modules. Each module unlocks one at a time, once the previous module has been completed.


Attend the Group Calls.

There will be monthly group calls and this can be a fantastic opportunity to turbo charge your progression. We will start with an informal check-in, followed by a topic talk to gain further knowledge and insight, and then an opportunity to ask questions or gain advice on particular aspects you have found challenging. This can help you break free from any stuckness that emerges by receiving nuggets of tailored advice.


Step away from the Tech!

For the journaling and self-reflection tasks, I’d like to encourage you to step away from any technology and do these in a journal or notepad, where you can physically write by hand, your thoughts, and reflections. The slower pace of handwriting often allows for more deliberate and thoughtful reflection. When you write by hand, you are not exposed to the potential distractions that come with digital devices. This can create a more focused and introspective environment, helping you stay engaged with your thoughts. There are many other benefits which we will look at later. For now, trust the process and pick up a lovely notebook and your favourite pen.