Knowing how your body can physiologically support this amazing change process can now empower you take action. Let us take 2 important steps: firstly, challenge your negative core belief and evidence test it as if you were doing a scientific experiment. Secondly, let’s reframe that negative core belief and transform it into a positive belief about you. Make sure it’s personal and honours your needs and who you are in a positive, loving way.


Challenge: Going back to your journal and your three Core beliefs and assumptions we now want to challenge them by questioning their validity and accuracy. Next to each core belief consider the following and make some notes.

    1. Is there evidence to support this belief?
    2. How might I view this situation differently?
    3. What alternative perspectives or interpretations are possible?

Reframe: Finally, create empowering counter statements to counteract each negative core belief. Write down positive, realistic statements that affirm your worth, strengths, and potential. Use these affirmations to replace self-critical thoughts and beliefs. For example, I can’t let the pain out might be countered with I am safe to let the pain out in my own time and in my own ways.

By following these steps, you can gain clarity, understanding, and insight into your own negative core beliefs and assumptions, and take active steps to challenge and reframe them for greater self-awareness and well-being.