The following journaling activity is going to get you started in using the Feelings Wheel and the step-by-step action plan of the previous topic to regulate difficult emotions. This journaling activity encourages introspection and self-awareness by exploring a range of emotions using the feelings wheel. Follow the prompt below to delve into you emotional landscape and insight into your inner world.

  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. Have a copy of the feelings wheel ready for reference.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and bring your awareness to the present moment.
  3. Look at the feelings wheel and choose one emotion from the innermost circle that resonates with you right now. Write down the chosen emotion in the centre of your journal page.
  4. Reflect on the selected emotion by answering the following prompts:
    • What triggered or contributed to this emotion arising?
    • How does this emotion feel in your body? Are there any physical sensations associated with it?
    • What thoughts or beliefs are connected to this emotion?
    • How do you typically respond or react when experiencing this emotion?
    • Is there anything you can do to support yourself in processing or navigating this emotion effectively?
  5. Once you’ve explored the selected emotion thoroughly, move to the next outer circle of the feelings wheel. Choose an emotion that feels related or connected to the one you just explored, and repeat the reflection process.
  6. Continue moving outward on the feelings wheel, selecting emotions and reflecting on each one in turn. Allow yourself to explore as many emotions as you feel drawn to, following the threads of your inner experience
  7. As you complete the reflection activity, take a moment to review your journal entries and reflect on any patterns, insights, or revelations that emerged during the process.
  8. Close your journaling session with a few moments of gratitude for the opportunity to explore and understand your emotions more deeply.

Action Step: Journal at least twice this week, using the feelings wheel and practise looking at the wheel whenever emotions come up that are uncomfortable so you practice naming and clarifying your internal world and feelings.