It can feel like anxiety is something that is happening to you. Feeling a lack of control over this emotional state can bring up feelings of frustration and resentment. My Psychotherapy clients have told me that they just want to cut this part of themselves out and get rid of it. But this is a part of you and as much as I’d like to wave a magic wand and magic this feeling away, until you have another way of meeting your needs, the anxiety will remain because the anxiety is a coping mechanism. It is an attempt to help you to feel better, to protect yourself, to stay safe from something that feels threatening (even if you know it’s not). So, it’s time for you to meet this part of yourself and have a dialogue with this anxious part of you.

I’d like you to use a clean page in your journal and write a letter to the anxious part of yourself. You are writing to the part of you that gets scared, and anxious, that stops you doing the things you want to do, that stops you from being the real you, that makes you feel small and unworthy.

I’d like you to express how this anxious part of yourself makes you feel. Be specific. What emotions and physical sensations do you endure as a result of this part of you? How does it affect your life? What would you like this part of you to do and be instead? Is there anything you need to do to enable this part of you to respond as you’d like it to? Is there anything that you need to say thank you for?

It may sound odd and perhaps you feel a little silly at first. That’s completely normal but try to keep going anyway and it will get easier. Just remember, we all speak to ourselves within our mind all the time. All your doing is putting that down on paper.