Action Step

Let’s get clear on what stops you from being more vulnerable. Reflect on the following, writing down your thoughts and feelings in your journal, in response to the following:

  1. What fears or hesitations do you have about being vulnerable and honest with others in your relationships?
  2. What would your loving inner parent or source of strength and wisdom say in response to this fear?
  3. Whom do I trust the most and feel the most safe with? Try to wite three names in order of most to least safe.
  4. If I spoke to that person right now, what would I want to honestly tell them about myself and how would I say it?
  5. Think about the last time you felt anxious and avoided a social situation. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? What would you want to explain to that person to ensure they didn’t misinterpret your behaviour?
  6. What one thing can you do differently today, to be more honest and vulnerable?